No Mud No Lotus (thich Nhat Hanh) by Karen Ridley

ARTIST NOTES: Textile collage depicting the saying No mud, no lotus from Thich Nhat Hanh. Life can be hard and give us many lessons, and it is not always perfect; but from it comes the beautiful Lotus flower if we allow it to grow.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 79.00 cm X Width - 77.00 cm )
GENRE No Genre Entered
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42887-0134-01
COPYRIGHT © Karen Ridley
PRIZES AND AWARDS The Twin Rivers Lions VIRTUAL Art Show 2020 - Highly commended
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Artist: Karen Ridley


I have always enjoyed art and been creative from a very young age. I vividly remember using nature to paint / stencil onto surface; and now many years later I am pressing my own plants and flowers, doing sun printing with dyes and saving avocado seeds and red onion skins to eco dye. 

Fabrics and textiles are my main passion; however I do like to incorporate acrylic paints, dyes, gelli and mono printing, as well as making stamps and stencils to make my own mark on what is normally a more tradition craft. 

My textile art work usually contain images of nature, reflecting the feelings and emotions that nature can evoke in people; inspiring the belief that,as nature has cycles through the seasons, so do our lives.

I love beautiful colours and textures and can be inspired both by new fabrics as well as utilising up-cycled fabrics to be reimagined into something new. 

Art has always been with me from studying art and then ceramics at school and being in several exhibitions in my early 20’s to now; being able to find a more balanced life where the need to do art and live with the passion that art gives me, is a priority.

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