Welcome to the Twin Rivers Lions Art Show

Our inaugural Twin Rivers Lions Art Show was initially scheduled for March 2020 however with the devastation of the 2019-2020 East Gippsland Bushfire Season it was postponed to October 2020. With the onset of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic our Lions Club Inc made the decision to hold a VIRTUAL ART SHOW during the month of October 2020 to ensure our Artists had the certainty of profiling their artworks irrespective of the physical constraints.

Following research, we are proud today to launch the inaugural TWIN RIVERS LIONS ART SHOW on a VIRTUAL PLATFORM. We express our sincere appreciation to Gallery247 who have and continue to work closely with us to bring you our 2020 Twin Rivers Lions Art Show.

Our club’s focus is threefold –

(1) To celebrate and encourage the emerging artists in our East Gippsland region who have along with the entire East Gippsland community been adversely affected by the three years of drought followed by the 2019-2020 East Gippsland Bushfire Season and now dealing with a third catastrophe of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

(2) To provide a professional Art Show for the pleasure of all art lovers and an opportunity to purchase the displayed artworks, which have been created during what has and is a turbulent time for us all.

(3) The proceeds from the sale of all artworks and raffle tickets will be donated towards the development and construction of the proposed TWIN RIVERS COMMUNITY HUB endorsed by East Gippsland Shire Council at its December 2019 Council Meeting.

We hope you enjoy exploring all that our inaugural Art Show brings this year and look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas for developing this website further.

Where is Twin Rivers District?

Twin Rivers District is in eastern Victoria, between two rivers, Tambo & Nicholson. This rural District includes Swan Reach, Johnsonville, Nicholson, Tambo Upper, Bumberrah & surrounds